Repairing Wind Instruments For Over 20 Years

My name is Jessi Rose.

When I see an instrument that comes in for repairs, I see beyond the dings and worn bit and pieces. Instead, I see it as it was made to be. I hear it’s beautiful sound. That’s what I seek to bring to life with my craft.

Jessi Rose, dad, and Molly - wind instrument repair

You see, music is a part of who I am. I began playing flute as a child. After graduation, I served as a professional flutist in The United States Marine Corps. After leaving the marines, I continued to be drawn to music. On my dad’s suggestion, I sought out an apprenticeship opportunity at Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center. There, I trained with Ed Scott who is a master woodwind technician.

My time with him allowed me to hone my skills to a professional level.

Fun fact: the first instrument I repaired was my own flute. I worked on it with pride and joy, aiming for an excellent outcome.

This is what I want and do for you, with all the learning and skills I have picked up on my journey. This is the reason that my work is:

I would never trust anyone else with the maintenance and repair of not only the instruments of my musicians, but also with the maintenance and repair of my own personal trombone. There is not a better wind repair technician in the Midwest!​
Dr. Onsby C. Rose​
Director of Instrumental Activities, Dordt University & Principal Conductor, Northwest Iowa Symphony Orchestra

Finding Home in Sioux Center

I have made my home in Sioux Center, where a deep love for the art of music performance thrives.  I love our small town community and the way it supports orchestras, bands and many other rich artistic opportunities.  And, I get to contribute to this amazing community, not only by performing, but also by maintaining the equipment needed by other musicians just like me.

Molly - wind instrument repair

Enter Molly

I do my repairs and maintenance with Molly, my trusted golden retriever. I’ve had Molly since she was a puppy. She is 7 years now and  keeps me company while I work. Molly is the, “M,” in M & J Musical Instrument Repair.

Jessi Rose - wind instrument repair

As you see, there are many good reasons to choose me to repair your instrument

I take your damaged wind instrument and treat it as if it were my own.  I repair it applying the loving and careful skill which I have perfected over 20 years. Then, I return it to you playing as good as new. This allows you to use your instrument to its full potential for a lifetime, saving you thousands of dollars for a new one.

Jessi gets it done in a timely manner which is nice when you are in a rush!
Luke Van Peursem
Trumpent Student
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Committed to making your instruments look better, play more beautifully, and last longer.

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