Wind Instrument Repair

I Care for Your Instruments

As a professional musician and music teacher, I know first hand the importance of keeping instruments in peak condition.

The work I do will allow you to enjoy your instrument for years to come.

wind instrument repair

What I Do

I take your damaged wind instrument and treat it as if it were my own. I repair it applying the loving and careful skill which I have perfected over 20 years. Then, I return it to you playing as good as new. This allows you to use your instrument to its full potential for a lifetime, saving you thousands of dollars for a new one.

Free Your Stuck Slides

When you take the instrument out of storage and things aren't moving as they should, it's time to fix it.

Fix the Dent in Your Bell

You didn't mean to drop or bang it, but it happened and now, there is a dent. I'm here.

Adjust Key Mechanism

Sometimes, the keys are not working together as they should. Don't worry. It happens. I can fix it.

Get New Pads

When you are serious about your playing, your pads will wear out. That is why I am here.

Cracks in the Body

It is not all over when you see a crack. Let me take a look before you think of getting a new one.


This is a no-brainer. To keep it performing at peak level, you need to do regular cleaning and maintenance.

Why Choose Me

I am trusted by amateur and professional musicians who are soloists, playing in bands, orchestras, as well as music teachers and orchestra conductors.


When I am finished repairing your instrument, you will get the correct corresponding note from your valve or keys.

Right Tools

You can trust me to find and use just the right tools in my tool box to fix the issue with your instrument.


Without taking shortcuts, I do your repairs in a timely fashion, limiting the time you are separated from your instrument.

Superior Work

Nothing but the best for you. I combine my skill with my heart and soul to deliver superior results for you.

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My Customers Say

How do those who have worked with me find my service?

Working with Jessi has been such a wonderful experience. She is very personable to talk to and her work is fantastic! I get the experience of playing on a new horn every time she flushes and polishes my horn. She gets it done in a timely manner which is nice when you are in a rush! She is my number one place to go
Luke Van Peursem
Trumpet Student, Northwestern College
Jessi and M & J Musical Instrument Repair has cared for all of my instruments as well as most of my student’s personal instruments since I began teaching at Dordt University in 2019. Her services are without equal. Not only is she quick, she is willing to do emergency repairs anytime needed, as well as the quality of her work is the best I have ever known.
Director of Instrumental Activities, Dordt University & Principal Conductor, Northwest Iowa Symphony Orchestra


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